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“AKRON LIFTS” Trading Company

“AKRON LIFTS” Trading Company

“AKRON LIFTS” Trading Company (Russia) is an official Russian distributor of Italian elevators and lifts producing company “AKRON LIFTS”. The company consists of several departments. “AKRON SUD” produces lifts' cars, cars' frames, doors' drives, different mechanical nodes and other. Mini factory “PULSAR” is responsible for push-buttons, control stations, different indicators and other. “E.T.CO” (“European Trading Company”) does all the export of elevators and components for “AKRON LIFTS” brand.

“AKRON LIFTS” was founded in 1949 on October 24 and is one of the oldest lift producing company in Italy. Every year “AKRON LIFTS” is selling over 600 full integration elevators, over 500 lift cars, 750 cars' frames, 800 doors' drives, 3500 shaft doors and many other lift components.

“AKRON LIFTS” has its departments in United Kingdom, France, Poland, Slovenia, Greece, Egypt, Malta, Turkey, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, Tunis, Sudan. In 2004 it was founded a department in Russia — “AKRON LIFTS” Trading Company, Moscow.

“AKRON LIFTS” offers its respective Customers elevators and lifts of European quality and also elevators of different civil and industrial types all along with Russian certificates of compliance.